1. County Manager

    Executive Management of Eddy County

  2. Detention Center

    Find out all you need to know about the Eddy County Detention Center.

  3. Elections Bureau

    Find information on registering to vote, voting locations, and elections.

  4. Facilities

    Information about the Eddy County Facilities Department including information about where to reserve county facilities.

  5. Finance Department

    Find budgets and other financial information related to Eddy County.

  6. Fire Service

    Explore all that the Eddy County Fire service does to keep the citizens safe.

  7. Human Resources

    Eddy County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers information and resources for local job seekers.

  8. Information Technology

    Get contact information for those who can help with technical, technological, and computer questions, and find resources to prevent cyber threats.

  9. Safety

    Get to know all of the departments in charge of keeping the Eddy County citizens safe and out of danger.

  10. Public Works

    Take a look at all of the division that make up the Eddy County Public Works Department.

  11. Regional Emergency Dispatch

    Get to know Eddy County's primary public safety answering point.