Community Services

  1. Code Enforcement

    This department is responsible for making sure that codes and ordinances are available to the public and thus followed.

  2. Geographical Information Systems

    Find information about Geographical Information Systems (GIS), rural addressing and cell towers.

  3. Health Services

    View resources about health care, insurance, and services for low income residents.

  4. Motor Vehicle Department

    Eddy County is contracted with the State of New Mexico to operate the Eddy County Motor Vehicle Department on behalf of the state and the citizens of Eddy County.

  5. Planning & Development

    Planning and development is responsible for information about land use, infrastructure and water plans for Eddy County's future growth.

  6. DWI Program

    Find out how the law enforcement officers in Eddy County are educating the community and warning them of the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.