1. County Commissioners

    Eddy County Commissioners are elected officials who serve the people of Eddy County for a 4-year term.

  2. Agendas & Minutes

    View County Commissioners' meeting Agendas and Minutes

  3. Ordinances

    County of Eddy Ordinances

  4. Resolutions

    County Resolutions

  5. Departments

    Check out the different departments that make up Eddy County.

  6. Elected Officials

    Peruse the contact information and duties of the various elected officials of Eddy County.

  7. Community Services

    See the wide range of community services offered by the county and find contact information for the various service areas.

  8. Jury Duty

    Find out which resources to contact for more information about serving jury duty and read about current circulating scams.

  9. Observed Holidays

    See a list of the observed holidays for the Eddy County government to see when departments and services will be closed.

  10. Privacy Policy

    Read the Eddy County Privacy Policy in its entirety.

  11. Projects

    Read the County Projects Report and find maps relevant to current projects.

  12. Website Policy

    Read the county's Website Policy in its entirety.

  13. Area Resources

    See a list of links to website resources for cities and other government entities in and around Eddy County.

  14. Mission & Statistics

    Read Eddy County's mission statement and see general statistics about the area.

  15. Boards & Committees (PDF)

    Look further into the parts of government ran by well formed committees and commissions.