Broken Lives, Shattered Dreams

The Artist
Recently, the DWI Program unveiled a mural painted by Charles "Brother Boko" Freeman. Brother Boko is a muralist and portrait artist who works in oils and acrylics. He is well known in the Los Angeles area for his public art murals and various other commissioned works that appear in 5 books.
Broken Lives Shattered Dreams
The Mural
Freeman has made his mark on public art in Carlsbad through this thought provoking cause and effect mural, "Broken Lives...Shattered Dreams" which can be seen on the façade of a building in Carlsbad. The mural reflects the high cost of DWI and leaves the viewer with lingering questions. It makes one wonder if the woman on the right with tears running down her face is a loved one of the victims or the offender. Either is a possibility. His mural tells a story from the different perspectives of the offender, the victim, law enforcement and others affected by this crime.