1. Letter to Senators and Representatives Regarding NMSU Arrowhead Center Study

    Eddy County Manager, Allen Davis, has written a letter to all NM Senators and Representatives regarding the NMSU Arrowhead Center's study on the per capita revenue and expenditure by County. Letter from Eddy County Manager
  2. Arrowhead Center at NMSU Analysis Shows Eddy County State Revenue vs Expenditures Back to County

    Eddy County contracted Arrowhead Center at NMSU to prepare a comparison analysis of the State's county-level revenues and expenditures ranging over a five-year period. See the full press release for more information! Full Press Release
  3. Notice of Public Hearing - Liquor License Application

    A Public Hearing will take place on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. or as soon as possible thereafter at the Eddy County Administration Complex to consider approving an Application for Transfer of a Dispenser Liquor License. Full Public Notice
  4. Lodgers Tax Advisory Board Meeting

  5. Eddy County Receives Donations

    Eddy County receives donations from Marathon Oil Corporation, Chevron, and Sendero Midstream! Public Notice
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