What will be on my voting ballot?

View your ballot here:  https://voterportal.servis.sos.state.nm.us/WhereToVote.aspx

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1. Can I register to Vote online?
2. Where do I go to vote? Do I have a specific polling location?
3. How soon can I Vote?
4. Do I need to register for each Election?
5. What if I can't get to a polling location?
6. Do I need to update my address? Even if I move to a different address within the County?
7. How do I check if I'm registered to Vote in New Mexico?
8. Am I required to select a political party in order to complete the registration form?
9. How do I change my political party?
10. What will be on my voting ballot?
11. I am 17 years old now but will be 18 before the next state general election. Can I complete a voter registration form now and will I then be able to sign petitions?
12. What if I don't see my question here?
13. Do I have to request an Absentee Ballot before each election?
14. How can I work at a polling location?