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Fire & Rescue

  1. Fire Inspection Request Form

    This form should be completed to request the Office of the Fire Marshal to contact you in regards to having your business inspected to... More…

  2. Reserve Firefighter Application

    This application must be completed and submitted with the additional documents required for a background check. Copies of the New... More…

  3. Training Request

    This form is used to request Administrative staff to come teach a training course at your station on a training night.

  1. Request a free home safety inspection, smoke detectors, and fire extinguisher

    By completing this form you are requesting ECFR to contact you to schedule a free home safety inspection. During the inspection ECFR... More…

  2. Special Event/Presentation Request Form

    This form should be completed for any public or business requesting ECFR to send personnel to make presentation or give prevention... More…

  3. VFD Interest to Join Form (Request Application Information)

    Interest to join a volunteer fire department agency within Eddy County