Michael Corona

Detention Center
Title: Captain
Phone: 575-887-7556

  • Captain Corona began his career as an Eddy County Detention Officer in 1997. He has over 24 years of combined experience in the field of both juvenile, and adult detention. 
  • In 1999 he transferred over to the Eddy County Juvenile Detention Center. Worked 9 years as Juvenile Detention Officer, and 1 year as Sergeant in this department.    
  • He has numerous training certificates, certifications, and Instructor Development Training. Also, is bi-lingual can read, write, and speak Spanish. 
  • Served as C.E.R.T. Team member, and F.T.O. Supervisor for many years.   
  • In 2009 he returned back to the Adult Detention Center as a Squad Supervisor.  
  • Promoted to Training Coordinator in 2013-2019.  
  • Promoted to Captain of the Eddy County Detention Center in 2019.

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