DWI Program


About the Program

  We fund activities directed at the reduction of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, resulting in fewer impaired driving crashes, injuries and deaths.

What can you do?

Plan in advance if you are going to be drinking, designate a driver, stay where you are or call for a safe ride home. Be a friend, take the keys. There is no safe use of alcohol prior to driving. 

Call 911 to report impaired drivers. Include the location and description of the vehicle, direction in which they are traveling, and the license plate number if available.


If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation, you can call the DWI Program office at 575-234-9963 or email Debra Hampton, DWI Program Director  at dhampton@co.eddy.nm.us

  1. Prevention
  2. Enforcement
  3. Screening & Assessment
  4. Treatment & Tracking
  5. Coordination & Planning


 We provide DWI prevention education and awareness to beginning drivers enrolled in driver's education. The DWISE (Driving While Impaired Supplemental Education) Program targets court ordered offenders using simulated impairment activities combined with a Victim Impact Panel in the effort to prevent future incidents of DWI.

Public Messages
Highly visible DWI prevention messages are delivered to the public through billboards, radio advertising, newspaper ads, movie theatre ads and public television stations. We also manage and maintain the DWI Memorial Sign Program in Eddy County.

As a consequence to underage drinking the courts order these offenders to work roadway cleanup community service. Supervision of roadway clean-up community service crews is provided  every Saturday and Sunday morning alternating between Carlsbad and Artesia. Approximately 1,000 pounds of trash is picked up every weekend. The Eddy County DWI Program provides trash bags, traffic safety vests, gloves, transportation and supervision for these court ordered offenders. Alcohol and the workplace safety programs are  available at no charge.