Eddy County Fire-Rescue

Eddy County Fire & Rescue is a progressive department that was established April 20, 2021 by bringing together the 11 volunteer fire districts and Eddy County Fire Service Administration to create a single department. The primary focus of the Eddy County Board of County Commissioners was to maintain and improve ISO ratings as many districts were struggling to maintain membership requirements. In July of 2022 Eddy County Fire & Rescue added 21 career positions to supplement the volunteer response, the approved positions were 3 Battalion Chiefs, 6 Captains, and 12 firefighters to staff 1 North Station and 1 South Station strategically to provide immediate aid 24/7 to the citizens and visitors of Eddy County.

Mission Statement: Duty, Honor, and Community.

Vision Statement: To be a progressive combination organization that will partner with the community in public safety. The service we strive to provide to the community will be of the highest quality afforded to the citizens of Eddy County and neighboring Counties, and Cities.

Value Statement: We are prepared for duty, serving with honor, responding with compassion, and committed to professional excellence.


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