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Public Service Announcement - Road Closures Update

06/06/2019 8:09 AM - 

CR 40 – Pipeline - Open

CR 44 – Fanning - Open

Cr 34 – Lake - Open

CR 19 – Trails End - Closed and will remain closed until bridge repairs have been completed.

CR – 12 – Armstrong - Open

For your safety, if you cannot see the road due to water on the road, turn around.

Be Safe - Drive Smart

CR 728 London Rd Bridge Closure

Public Notice - Public Works will be closing the end portion of Porter Rd. That means there will be no access to London and traffic will have to find alternate routes (Porter is not the only access to London Rd). This is due to heavy truck traffic at the bridge on London Rd and the amount of repairs that have already been done to that area. The traffic from Porter Rd making a right hand turn onto London Rd is taking out the guardrail. Public Works has spent countless hours on these repairs, and have had this guardrail damaged to the point that it has been rebuilt five times, and repaired at least twelve times in the last four months. The heavy truck traffic at this location is having an impact on the London Bridge to the point that we will have to get an Engineer to do an extensive inspection on the bridge. When we conduct that bridge inspection, if the damage is beyond repair the only option will be to replace it. The amount of time that Porter Rd will be closed is (TBD).

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