Probate Judge


Judge Francis presides over informal Probate proceeding whether there is a will or no will.

Form Packets

The County Clerk's Office has the necessary forms packets available to the public for the filing of Probate cases (with or without a will) upon request for a $5 fee. Please contact the Judge's Office or the Eddy County Clerk's Office if you wish to obtain a forms packet.

Mandatory Fees or Charges

The following Fees must be paid in full on the date of presentation for filing of the Probate with the Court and/or a request for copies or for Notarization:           

  •  Probate Court Filing Fee: $30.00
  •  Copy charges per page for any document or paper filed: $1.00
  •  Certification Fee by County Clerk for a Certified copy of any document: $1.00  per Certification   
  •  Notarization Services by County Clerk: $5.00 for each Notarization

Special Cases

 In some cases the heirs may not need to file a Probate and the decision whether it is necessary will rest upon the nature of the deceased's assets and how such assets may be owned.

Office Hours

Judge Francis' office hours are Monday,Tuesday & Thursday -  3 p.m to 5:30 p.m. 
   Fridays   -  CLOSED                                                                     
 This is a part time position by law. Appointments in advance are encouraged but not required.


No marriages are performed.