Fixed Assets

Eddy County utilizes the Public Surplus Website to dispose of various items. Different office items sold on Public Surplus include, but are not limited to, desks, filing cabinets, and printers. Eddy County also sells large machinery and vehicles, from motorgraders to fire trucks, cars, pick-ups, and SUVs. We do our best to include as much detail about the items that we can and strive to answer any and all questions about the items for sale on Public Surplus.

You can sign up to use The Public Group, Public Surplus site by clicking on the link below or you can view new auctions by clicking on the link, “View New Auctions”, on the bottom left of the Public Surplus webpage.

​You can also search a specific area by selecting the region and agency on the right side of the webpage under “Browse Auctions within Area”.

​          The Public Group, Public Surplus:  

​ If you want to exclusively search the Eddy County Online-Auction you can click on the link below.

​          Eddy County Online-Auction at,nm  

​If you do not see anything on the Eddy County auction site, don’t worry, come back soon! We are always updating the site with items to sell.