The vision of the Maintenance Department is to be the benchmark of efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in service while safely maintaining the buildings, grounds, and utilities of Eddy County to the highest Standards.

The mission of the Maintenance Department is to serve all the citizens, customers, and employees of Eddy County by maintaining, operating, and repairing the physical assets (facilities, utility systems, grounds, and the other infrastructure) of Eddy County. Our GOAL is to do this in a responsive, pro-active, cost effective, and service oriented manner.

Current Projects
These are just a few of the exciting things happening around the county:
  • Eddy County Landfill - New Shop Building and Scale House.
  • Loco Hills Fire Station - Renovations including updating the current outdated HVAC unit.

Facilities Reports

Below are some fun facts about the Facilities Management Department
     Facilities Management Department currently has 17 employees.

     Facilities Management is a department which consists of three programs:

  1. Parks and Recreation - the county currently operates a total of 5 parks.
  2. Building Management and Maintenance – the county operates and maintains 65 buildings. These buildings range from the Eddy County Detention Center at 70,937 square feet to the Landfill at 720 square feet.
  3. Facilities Construction – this program is responsible for major building construction and renovation. Funding for projects typically comes from general fund dollars, legislative appropriations, and from the county bond process.