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Code Enforcement

  1. Complaint Form

    Public complaint form

Community Services

  1. Oil & Gas Form

    Report an Oil and Gas company concern.

County Forms

  1. General Inquiry / Request for Service

    Report a general issue of concern.

  1. Public Comments for the Next Board of County Commissioners' Meeting

    Please submit your Public Comments to be read in the meeting.

Fire Service

  1. Step Up and Lead: Flash Point: Ingnite Your Team and Forge a Winning Culture with Frank Viscuso, Deputy Chief (Ret.)

    Who should attend: This Zoom session is open to all interested persons. This class focuses on building a successful team.

  2. VFD Interest to Join Form (Request Application Information)

    Interest to join a volunteer fire department agency within Eddy County

  1. Training Request

    This form is used to request Administrative staff to come teach a training course at your station on a training night.

Public Works

  1. Public Works Complaint Form

    Report an Eddy County Public Works concern.