Michael Ingram

Detention Center
Title: Operations Lieutenant
Phone: 575-887-7556

•Began career in 2002
•C.E.R.T. Member (1 year), C.E.R.T. Commander (14 years), F.T.O. (1 year), F.T.O. Supervisor (2 years) Corporal (1 year), Sergeant (2 years), Juvenile Administrator (2 years) and now holds the position of Chief/Captain (9 years).
•Certifications in Supervision of Staff, Gang Intelligence, Firearms, Less lethal, Emergency Response Team, Asp Baton, Asp Restraints, Defensive Tactics, Investigation and Interrogation, Juvenile Operations, Jail Management and numerous more.
•Throughout the years, his greatest achievement has been gaining another family; his family in "Black!"

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